Psychological Traits of a Successful Salesperson

Whether you believe that great salespeople are born or made, there are definitely certain personality traits that lend themselves well to being successful in sales.

Successful salespeople are vital to all business ventures. But as many who have tried their hand at sales can attest, not everyone is cut out for this line of work.

Here we’ll examine several of the most looked-for psychological traits of salespeople. Some of them will surprise you!



The root of sales success is the ability to gather and provide information in a way that makes your prospect want to do business with you. None of product or service details will matters unless you can get your prospects to talk to you and also listen to what you have to say. You’ve got to understand how your prospects learn, what they care about, what communication style they prefer, and adapt your strategy to suit. There are several skills when mastered that can really help: active listening, reading body language, voice tone, empathy, being an expert in your product/service, being curious, being honest and non-assuming.


Empathy is having a keen awareness of how other people feel or think, and this is one of the most valuable skills to hone as a salesperson. When you can truly put yourself in your prospects shoes, you can discover what motivates them, what their barriers will be, and it will help you close more sales than you can imagine.



It comes as no surprise that discipline is number one on the list. If you don’t have the self-discipline to make the sales calls and follow-up with prospects, you’re not going to make sales. Those with the greatest discipline usually also have an organised plan-of action when it comes to their sales systems, and they follow these systems religiously.


Sales is a high-rejection playing field, and as a salesperson, you need to be able to stop yourself from taking any rejection personally. The best salespeople view rejection as a necessary evil to get to those people who do want to buy and are interested. It’s the classic “100 no’s to get to a yes”.





The “never give up, never give in” attitude is a necessity when you’re dealing with cold calling, sales calling, and the inevitable rejection. The ability to get back up and keep selling is what will spell your success.


With sales, rejection is the standard. They can let go of the negativity and use that energy to drive them towards the next task. It doesn’t matter how hard they get knocked down, effective salespeople will get right back up again and carry on, with further verve. Given the most recent ups and downs of our current economy, resilience has quickly become a desired character trait among salespeople – it’s essential. Now more than ever, customers have become more cost-conscious. This means salespeople are facing even more rejections, and their ability to respond to this challenge is crucial to success.




A natural salesperson will have confidence in themself, and will have done enough research on the product, service, and company that their selling that there will be infinite confidence in delivery of the pitch. This confidence will translate to trust when they get in front of their prospects.



Any sales person who is worth their salt will also be someone that is naturally fun to be around because they are accommodating, entertaining, humorous, and intelligent. Those with a positive attitude and outlook, who truly enjoy people will stand out in the selling crowd.